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NuVera Online :: Virtual World for Grown-Ups
Create, Explore and Socialize
Be Creative
Decorate your personal or public location
Hang Out And Have Fun
Attend an awesome party or even start your own
Explore Awesome Places Made By Other Users
Explore a growing collection of user created locations
Crafting & Hobbies
Collect raw materials and use crafting stations to create unique items
Purchase content in world via Sales Terminals
Sales Terminals can also be purchased and placed in your own private or public areas
Become a NuVO Developer
Import, edit and submit eyes, skin, clothing, environments, objects and more that can be purchased by other users in world or in the catalog!
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Current State of NuVera Online Dec 26, 2015
We hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday and that you have a great new year! I know we’ve been rather quiet here and haven’t had a lot of updates or announcements this year. I wanted to talk to you all about where NuVera Online... [more]

Happy Holidays Dec 23, 2015
Happy Holidays to one and all. We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and we want to say a big thank you for your continued support. [more]

Hallowed Hog Has Returned Oct 26, 2015
The Hallowed Hog Halloween vehicle has returned and is currently available for purchase at Sunset Motors in Sunset Isle. Head on in and check out the vehicle purchase terminal to pick up one of these limited edition vehicles. The Hallowed Hog will... [more]

Client Update 1.6.23 Apr 28, 2015
We've been working to resolve a long running issue with creating User Public Rooms. Those effected will be happy to know that it's all back up and running. We've fixed up the issue with creating public rooms as well as fixed an issue related to... [more]

Client 1.6.15 - New Ignore System Aug 15, 2014
We are happy to announce a much asked for new feature for the NuVera Online client: The Ignore System. While there has been an the ability to ignore users on the website this feature was not as elegantly tied in to the client itself.

No Ads For Denizens Jul 26, 2014
We will soon be ramping up advertising on the NuVera Online website. Given we are a small team we are looking for more ways to monetize NuVera Online. This means two things.

1. We will be increasing the... [more]

Client 1.6.5 - Content Update Jan 14, 2014
Client 1.6.5 has been released and with it levels 21-25 of the scavenger hobby including 10 new crafting recipes. There are also some other tweaks and fixes so be sure to check the more]

Client 1.6.4 - Patch Update Dec 30, 2013
A quick patch update has been released and fixes up some decorating issues as well as adds some new features. You can read all about it in the website forums. For those experiencing issues with Sunset Isle after the update please perform a Force... [more]

1.6.3 - Cave Iron Dec 19, 2013
Levels 11-20 of the scavenger hobby have been released which includes 15 new crafting recipes, iron ore and the new abandoned mine near the lodge in Sunset Isle. No one knows where the miners went too, but there is plenty of iron ore to... [more]

Client 1.6 Hobbies And Crafting Nov 23, 2013
We are very excited to introduce the new Hobbies and Crafting system. The new Scavenger hobby is the first of 3 planned hobbies which involves finding raw materials and using those items to craft furniture for your home. Earn experience, level up... [more]

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